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“This is not conservation, it's destruction”

Indigenous people across Africa are being beaten, tortured, raped and killed by rangers who are funded and equipped by conservation organizations like WWF and African Parks.

The Baka and other hunter-gatherers who have lived in the Congo Rainforest since time immemorial have seen much of their land stolen and turned into National Parks and other Protected Areas.

The Baka have been evicted, and now live in dire conditions, landless and dependent on others, or turned into ‘tourist attractions.’

They are banned from entering the rainforest they once called home, while mining, oil, and logging companies, and trophy hunters, are considered “partners” of conservation and allowed to carry on with business as usual.

Conservation is NOT supposed to be about destruction. There is another way: respecting Indigenous peoples’ rights is by far the most effective way of protecting biodiversity.

Help us stop these abuses, which amount to a green genocide, as the Baka simply will not survive if this continues: urge the funders and supporters of these destructive conservation projects to stop violating the Baka’s human rights.

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