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The Nukak want to return to their land and need your support!

The hunter-gatherer Nukak in Colombia, who have only been in regular contact with people outside their tribe since the late 1980s, have been driven out of their rainforest home, and desperately want to return.

Their lands are being violently occupied by various armed groups; by outsiders using the Nukak’s forest to grow coca for the cocaine trade; and by cattle ranchers who have deforested large areas. As if that were not enough, much of their territory is littered with anti-personnel mines.

This invasion of their forest has forced most Nukak out of their territory. They have been living in dire conditions on the outskirts of nearby towns, where a combination of malnutrition and diseases such as malaria have killed around half of their people. Many of their young people have become the victims of sexual exploitation, and drug addiction is an increasing problem.

They want to return to their territory so they can thrive once more as self-sufficient people - but, given the dangers, will need the support of the authorities to do so. The more those in power can see that the world is watching what happens, the greater the chances that this appalling injustice can be rectified.

Please take action for the Nukak now..

Your email will be sent to Colombia's President and relevant ministers:
Señor Presidente Gustavo Petro (President of Colombia)
Señor Ministro Luis Fernando Velasco (Minister of the Interior)
Señor Ministro Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo (Minister of Health and Social Protection)

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