Survival International

Guarani leaders are being killed. Help us stop this!

The Guarani face one of Brazil's worst humanitarian crises.

Gunmen in Brazil are rapidly strengthening their reign of terror over Guarani indigenous people...

Gunmen are carrying out horrific, systematic, attacks against the Guarani. Guarani leaders are being murdered and houses burned down. Shots are being fired daily. The situation has become Brazil's worst humanitarian crisis.

The only thing that can put an end to this senseless violence is for Brazil to make good on its own laws which promise to return all the Guarani's land from the hands of the ranchers.

That's why we're asking you now to step in. Please write to the Brazilian authorities to demand that they return the Guarani's land immediately.

International pressure really does make a difference. Your emails can help push the Brazilian government into taking action before more lives are lost.

Your letter will be sent to Brazil's President and relevant ministers.

Don't miss out on your next chance to stand with tribal peoples worldwide.

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