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Act now for the survival of uncontacted tribes

The future of several uncontacted tribes will be decided in the next few months. 

Their rainforest territories, deep in the Brazilian Amazon, are shielded by emergency “Land Protection Orders” which are about to expire.

The orders make it illegal for loggers, miners and other invaders to enter the tribes’ lands. Without this protection, the forests would be completely destroyed – and the tribes who look after them and depend on them to survive could be wiped out.

Now, anti-indigenous politicians and ranchers – boosted by President Bolsonaro’s genocidal attacks on Brazil’s indigenous peoples – are trying to extinguish the orders so they can steal these lands for beef production, logging, mining, and more. This could wipe out whole peoples.

“If they kill them, there will be nobody left”
Rita Piripkura, whose uncontacted relatives live in one of the territories shielded by Land Protection Orders.

Please email the Brazilian government now and ask them to renew these Land Protection Orders, evict all invaders, fully protect these territories, and #StopBrazilsGenocide.

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