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Peru’s Uncontacted Tribes can’t wait

The Watershed Mountains are a unique and highly diverse environment, home to many uncontacted tribal people. © Diego Perez

After years of red tape, the Peruvian government has still not signed into law several indigenous territories which uncontacted and recently-contacted tribes depend on for their survival. Putting off the protection of these indigenous territories is immoral, illegal and genocidal.

The oil, gas and logging lobby in the region is extremely powerful. The indigenous peoples of Peru need their allies all over the world to help them defend the lands of uncontacted tribes, to allow them to survive. 

Please act now for the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. Email the Peruvian government demanding that these indigenous territories finally be signed into law and permanently protected, and calling for the expulsion of extractive industries from indigenous territories. It’s the only way uncontacted tribes will be able to survive and thrive. 

Your email will be sent to Señora Presidenta Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zeg, Señora Ministra Leslie Carol Urteaga Peña, Señor Ministro Víctor Eduardo Rojas Herrera, of the Government of Peru.

Don't miss out on your next chance to stand with tribal peoples worldwide.

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