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Stop WWF repeating its crimes

Close up of Baka child looking at the camera
© Fiore Longo/Survival

Stop WWF repeating its crimes

WWF-funded park rangers evict, kill, torture and abuse Indigenous people.

You can help stop these atrocities by campaigning against WWF's latest project in the Congo, a new park called Messok Dja.

It’s destroying the Baka, who have lived in and protected that forest for generations.

Now they fear for their future, as their land is being stolen from them. They’re being evicted in the name of conservation. The project is backed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). And it’s completely illegal.

WWF’s new park is nothing more than another land grab, driven by Western organizations and governments – it's modern day colonialism.

It’s time to decolonize conservation.

Despite what WWF may say, the Baka have not agreed to this project. How could they? For years, WWF-funded park rangers have been entering the Baka’s forest and beating and torturing tribal people whose only crime is to try to feed their families. One Baka man told us, “If they see us, they just beat us with machetes. Bam, bam, bam on your body.”

We need to stop the creation of Messok Dja – for the Baka, and for nature. Indigenous people are the best conservationists.

Please email the Director General of WWF and urge the organization to stop supporting the creation of Messok Dja.

Thanks to the help of supporters like you, several donors of this project have already withdrawn their funding. Together we can decolonize conservation. Act now.

Don't miss out on your next chance to stand with tribal peoples worldwide.

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