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Stop Brazil's Genocide

Indigenous people protesting in Brasilia, April 2019. © Sarah Shenker/Survival

President Jair Bolsonaro has "declared war" on Brazil’s indigenous peoples.

He has:
- encouraged farmers and ranchers to burn the Amazon, home to 1 million indigenous people, with impunity.
- tried to take the government’s indigenous affairs department, FUNAI, away from the Ministry of Justice and place it under the control of Minister Damares Alves, an evangelical preacher under investigation for inciting racial hatred against indigenous peoples
- tried to take the responsibility to map out indigenous territories away from FUNAI and give it to the Agriculture Ministry which is run by anti-indigenous politicians of the agribusiness lobby
- issued decrees to make it harder to protect indigenous territories, and to ‘monitor’ indigenous peoples’ allies
- through his racist rhetoric, emboldened invaders to steal indigenous land and attack communities
- and more…

These moves spell disaster for indigenous peoples nationwide. Land theft, violence and diseases brought by outsiders, including coronavirus, could wipe out dozens of uncontacted tribes. 

Across the country, indigenous territories are being invaded, and the rainforests are being burned at an unprecedented rate.

But indigenous peoples are fighting back. They won’t let anyone steal their land, because without it they can’t survive.

They’re asking for your help. Please sign and share.

Please sign the global petition to stop Brazil’s genocide

Your Excellency President Jair Bolsonaro,

I respectfully urge you to uphold Brazil’s constitution and the international laws Brazil has ratified, and ensure that indigenous territories are protected from illegal invasions and outside intervention, for the indigenous peoples’ exclusive use.

This includes the land of uncontacted tribes. Brazil is home to more uncontacted peoples than anywhere else on the planet. Their land must be protected to prevent their genocide, and to allow them to survive and thrive.

Brazil’s first peoples are at the core of your nation and their survival is of importance to all humanity.

I echo the demands of indigenous people across Brazil: Please allow FUNAI to protect indigenous territories, and ensure that indigenous rights are fully upheld.

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